Building the C-Bot 3D printer: Part 11 : Assembly Day 5

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Today I knocked out The Y-gantry, and the X-Gantry/hotend.  Total time: About three hours.

As usual, there were some gotcha’s:

  • Somehow, the file that created the print of two plates that the G2-belts and hot-end bolt to was mirrored:  All the files I had, were reversed, so that the belt clamps were in the wrong location (bottom instead of top and vice-versa).  So I had to scale that model and reprint 2x of them.
  • After getting all the X-Gantry/hotend wheel assemblies staged, I realized I was short onemini v-wheel precision shim‘: Either I was shorted one, or I lost one.  Luckily I can trade Mason for some t-nuts 😉
  • From the previous day’s build:  The shimmed angle the z-steppers have to be at to connect with the lead-screws is just too extreme:  Should be perfectly straight.  Either Mason or I will need to update the ‘ACME Block Holder’ stl to ‘push it out’ more & reprint.

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    • Eli
    • January 22nd, 2016 4:57pm

    I purchased all of the parts to build the C-bot and I am currently building it. I have just installed the XY bar and I am not sure how to get it tuned in really well. There is a little wobble when guiding it back and forth. Also, it is a bit tighter in some areas and loose in others. What is the best way to get the XY bar set up?

  1. To confirm, this is the bar that slides front to back (Y) that the hotend travels left\right (X) on?
    If so, when you say ‘back and forth’ are you referring to the hotends motion? And if so, can you define the wobble in greater detail? :)

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