Launch Java Applet: GrooveFlakes01 (currently doesn’t seem to work over the web, investigating)

For some reason, I can’t get this sketch to play in a browser :-( So I’ve built these (zipped) executables you can download and try:

Windows –  MacOSXLinux

You can also get the source over at my Processing Wiki HERE, or you can launch the above applet, and download the source from that non-functioning web-page, and compile it yourself in Processing.  Man I wished it worked online!

I’m a big fan of SomaFM. In particular, their Groove Salad radio station. I’d been wanting to learn how to integrate audio into my Processing sketches via the Minim library. Originally, when I’d started my ‘Perlin Particle‘ sketches they were spun out of the idea of making falling snowflakes. I wanted to have the snowflakes to “move” through the air with some randomness, and that’s where the Perlin noise fit in. Once I solved that, I was able to move back to my snowflakes, and in particular, audio processing.

I got my “GrooveFlakes” sketch up and running. It streams in the GrooveSalad playlist, and samples the beats. When the kick, snare, or hat hits, the flakes will “pulse” to the music.

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