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Trip to Alaska

Spent just over a week back home in Alaska, in and round Anchorage & Talkeetna.  Weather was amazingly beautiful, and there were nearly zero bugs (mosquitoes).  Below are some pics from my Instagram page:

Italy is beautiful

My wife and I spent three weeks in Italy during April, touring through Rome, Florence, Tuscany, and Positano (on the Amalfi Coast).  Got a few pics up on Instagram to prove it.


Pic I took i Positano.  We stayed on the top left of that hill.  So beautiful!

Mount Diablo State Park

Uploaded some pics I took during a camping trip at Mount Diablo State Park with my son last month.  Find them on Flickr HERE.

Sparse posting…

…for a bit.  I just moved (one mile south), and work is busy.  Just got cable hooked up, and still can’t find my router (in a box somewhere).  Two van-loads to Good Will, and one to the dump, and we still have more stuff than we should.  Kind of creepy how much one can acquire over time…

In the meantime, Maya 2011 new features!

Academy of Science

Last Friday my son and I went to the Academy of Science in San Francisco.  Fun time, beautiful day, but it was soooo busy.  As expected the aquarium and rain forest exhibits were really well done.  If you ever go, pack your own lunch:  It seems you can bring food in, and the food they have there is expensive as you think it is…

Have a full set of pics up on Flickr here