When I was first introduced to Processing, I was immediately struck by the beauty of Jared Tarbell’s ‘substrate‘ sketch.  Years later, with a bit of free time and inspiration from that, I came up with something conceptually similar… maybe a distant cousin twice removed.

In the adventureLine sketch, the user can use the mouse to start seed positions that grow out.  When all seeds have stopped growing, a filter is applied.  New seeds can be started on top of the image to provide for a layered effect.

Download source Processing .pde .  This is designed to run at full-screen, so be sure to “present” it (rather than “run” it) in Processing.  Can also save images by pressing the ‘s’ key.

Launch Java sketch in browser (Get the plugin if you don’t have it):

640×480 —  720p —  1080p

(click images for full-size versions)


    • Hugo
    • September 24th, 2013 2:47pm

    Wow, I just want to say your blog really inspires me. Awesome sketches, thxs for releasing the source code so that it can be analyzed. I am learning processing currently with the hope of create such amazing algorithms one day :D.

  1. Thanks, glad you find it useful\enjoyable :)

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