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New 3D Print : HexVase 04

This vase was created entirely to test Simplify3D‘s “vase mode” feature: It prints the walls as one contiguous corkscrew spiral. Turned out great.
Modeled in Maya.  Printed on my Makerbot Replicator (1).

Download the files for print and get more info over on Thingiverse.

New 3D Print: Hex Vase 01

I used the same technique for the “hex vases” to make a simple bowl.  This one took a little over seven hours on my Makerbot Replicator (1).

Get more info and download files over on Thingiverse.

Two new 3d prints: Hex vases

Hexagons are a great form to build with when it comes to 3d-printing: for FDM machines, like my Makerbot Replicator (1) that print layer by layer, overhangs past a certain angle don’t print well, or print at all.  While my machine can print overhangs less than 45 degrees, that is the rule of thumb when it comes to making 3d printable items that won’t require support:  Make sure all overhangs are 45 deg or greater.  And if you tip a hexagon on its point, then the angles it creates for overhangs are exactly 45 degrees and avoids any bridging:  Complex structure, no support needed.

With that in mind, I made a Python script in Maya that will turn polygonal quads into hexagons with the click of a button.  The below two “Hex Vases” are the first tests with it.  You can find more info + downloads on their Thingiverse pages here, and here.

New custom 3d print: Hexagonal candle holder

I’m stuck with hexagons for the time being, I might as well accept it.

Last night I took a couple hours modeling up a candle-holder in Maya using hexagonal polygonal mesh.  Was an enjoyable process creating Python scripts for the generation and attaching of the mesh to the NURBS cylinder I used for the overall volume.  The whole thing took just under four hours to print on my Makerbot Replicator.

It easily fits a votive candle, or any other candle less than 2 1/4″ in diameter.  See more info on it, and download the .stl file for printing over on Thingiverse.

Ikea candle has a home.


Second custom 3d print: Another hex cloud

I’m apparently into hexagons these days.  I did another hexagonal design in Maya, printed it out on my Replicator with black filament (to contrast the white print I did last post).  This one took twice as long (8 hours) as the previous print as well, I’m guessing it has roughly twice the volume.  Currently I have it setup in my art-space holding a LED lamp I made using my Ostrich Egg-Bot (describe in a previous post), see pic below.  You can download the .stl file over on Thingiverse and print one yourself!  A day after submitting, it was added as a “Featured Thing” on their homepage, quite an honor :)

It makes a fine necklace holder

Lamp holder


Holes are 2 1/4" apart