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New CNC Cut : HexBeam

Continuing to play more with MASH in Autodesk Maya, I came up with this experiment:  I used a ramp node with a wave to mask where the hexagons are placed, then randomized their scale.  Applied a dark stain on the uncut top, and a natural stain on all the hexagons.  Material is a reclaimed redwood beam.


About half an hour of modeling in Maya, and 1h45min on the X-Carve CNC with a 1/8″ 1-flute upcut endmill.  Probably another half hour of sanding.

New CNC cut: Honeywood

I’ve been teaching myself the MASH toolkit in Autodesk Maya.  It’s been a lot of fun to learn.  As a challenge, I decided to design a hexagonal-based structure, which I then cut into some reclaimed redwood with my X-Carve CNC:


I applied a ‘natural’ stain to the inside section, and a darker ‘walnut’ stain to the outside.  The rough cut was with a 1/8″ 1-flute upcut endmill, and I did a pencil-cleanup pass with a 1/16″ 2-flute upcut endmill.  Whole cut took maybe 45 minutes.  The piece measures 8″ square, and the cut is around 1″ deep at the lowest point.  I used MeshCAM to generate the toolpaths from the stl file exported from Maya.

New 3D Print: Hex-shelf concept

I wanted to print something a bit, “beefier” on my C-Bot, so I came up with this hexagonal shelf design in Maya:

Sliced in Simplify 3D, took just over five hours to print. Little under 12″ across, 5″ deep, printed in Makergeeks “Soulful Blue” pla.  Used the same 1mm E3D Volcano nozzle with 0.75mm layer heights. Intentionally didn’t print the roof to show off the cool infill. Weighs 630g, 1 shell, 15% ‘fast hexagonal’ infill,  which came out pretty organic looking since the slicer sort of ‘skips’ every other infill layer (as you can see if you inspect the close-up pic) and only prints half of what it should.

New 3D Print : HexVase 04

This vase was created entirely to test Simplify3D‘s “vase mode” feature: It prints the walls as one contiguous corkscrew spiral. Turned out great.
Modeled in Maya.  Printed on my Makerbot Replicator (1).

Download the files for print and get more info over on Thingiverse.

New 3D Print: Hex Vase 01

I used the same technique for the “hex vases” to make a simple bowl.  This one took a little over seven hours on my Makerbot Replicator (1).

Get more info and download files over on Thingiverse.