New Processing Sketch Added: PerlinParticle03

See the goodness for it on its page.

I also went through all the other sketch pages I’d made, and added imagery.  So take a gander.

How to subtract a list from a list inPython?

It dawned on me today:  I’ll add lists on a regular basis (listC = listA + listB), but I don’t think I’ve ever ‘subtracted’ listA form listB.  A quick search didn’t come up with much (but I know it’s out there).  I came up with this method using list comprehensions:

listA = ["a","b"]
listB = ["b", "c"]
listC = [item for item in listB if item not in listA]
print listC
# ['c']

But there’s got to be an easier method?  Maybe using sets?

Posted on my Python Wiki too.

Centering joints in edge loops

When I’m rigging, I will often create an initial ‘rig-skeleton’ that fits inside the mesh to be deformed. To speed things along, I first just rough in the joint positions by snapping them to verts.   But later I like to get them centered into a selection of verts, and usually that selection is some form of edge loop.

I wrote some mel that does this:

  • You pick a joint, and an edge on a mesh
  • The code detects the joint, and the edge
  • Based on the edge, find the edge loop
  • Convert the edge loop into a selection of verts
  • Find the average position of all the verts
  • Move the joint pivots to this new position
  • Reselect the joint, and the new vert selection.

You can find the mel code over on my Mel Wiki.

Updated ‘Processing Sketches’ page

One of the main reasons I wanted to make my own site was to get my Processing sketches up online.  Success!  I’m just starting to upload them, and they are now accessable via the ‘Processing Sketches‘ menu drop-down.  Over time I’ll be updating these sub-pages with the stuff I’ve worked on, and am working on.

I’ve made the switchover…

I finally feel comfortable enough in WordPress that I have officially discontinued my old blog over at Blogger: (although it’s still around of course)

At some point I’ll try and figure out how to import the old posts  over here, but in the meantime, long live WordPress! :)