“I am (calibration) Groot”

After recently switching my C-Bot 3d Printer from Bowden to direct drive, I thought I’d give the 1.2mm E3D-v6 Volcano nozzle a shot:  Previously I’d used the 1mm nozzle, but the stringing and blobbing caused by the Bowden made me swap it out for the .6mm nozzle, which I had ok success with the Bowden, and fantastic success with the direct drive.

Rather than print out boring calibration cubes (which I did start with), I thought I’d throw something a bit more complex at the nozzle, and I choose this awesome Groot sculpt from Thingiverse.


Print Stats:

  • Sliced in Simplify 3D, printed via Octoprint.
  • 1.2mm E3d-V6 Volcano nozzle
  • 600 micron layer heights
  • 30mm/sec
  • 210 deg extruded blue Gizmo Dorks PLA
  • 1 shell, 30% “fast hexagonal” infill.
  • 1hr 20 min

Things noted:

  • Really happy with the intentional “low res” print quality.
  • Towards the top of the head, even my super-powerful fan running at full blast wouldn’t cool the giant globs of plastic enough to prevent stringing:  Just so much hot plastic extruding out of there.


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