New 3D Print : Reindeer!

My wife asked me to print out a Reindeer for the holidays:  I found the “Holiday Christmas Deer” on Thingiverse, a great looking model.  Plus the shape of the model would take full advantage of the C-Bot’s build volume.  Print came out looking great.  And a new HD timelapse via Octoprint:


You’ll notice at the 6 sec mark my hand go in for some “manual” supports 😉

Print Stats:

  • Model height:  20″
  • Print time: 9 hours
  • 2 shells, 8% “fast hexagon” infill.
  • 300 micron layer height
  • 6mm E3D-v6 Volcano nozzle
  • Sliced in Simplify3D
  • Printed at 90mm/sec
  • Gizmo Dorks blue PLA, extruded at 220 degrees.
New 3D Print : Eiffel Tower
Giving the C-Bot's Octopus some glasses
  1. haha yes i noticed the hand, were you holding the model up? Or was that necessary for the part where the printer started on the body?

  2. I knew based on the overhang it would fail there, so I waited with a knife to help ‘hold up’ those bits as it printed 😉

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