New 3D Print : Eiffel Tower

I’d found a great model if the Eiffel Tower on Thingiverse:  I’d wanted to print it on my C-Bot for some time (since it seemed like a great way to maximize its build volume), but I knew with all the required retractions, the Bowden extruder would never handle it.  After recently switching to a direct-drive extruder, it seemed approachable again.  And with the recent attacks in Paris, I felt a desire to somehow pay my respects to that beautiful city, and landmark.


It didn’t go entirely smoothly though:  The extruder jammed when it hit first landing… I think all the super small handrails caused possible retraction issues, and the filament notched.  But I was able to reslice/reprint it right at that point, and glue the top on.  You’ll see this failure in the above movie… which was my first time making a timelapse in Octoprint, so the quality is a bit low as I figure out the settings.

The print looks fantastic, especially in the sun or with a light shining on it at night.  Really happy with the results.

Print stats:

  • Model height:  20″
  • Print time: 69 hours (yes, 69 hours)
  • 150 micron layer height
  • 6mm E3D-v6 Volcano nozzle
  • Sliced in Simplify3D
  • Just over a pound of material
  • Printed at 60mm/sec
  • Makergeeks white PLA, extruded at 230 degrees (per their recommendation)
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    • David
    • December 4th, 2015 1:55pm

    Impressive as always!
    I’m planning to attempt a 12″ tall version once I get my Cbot through enough initial tests. It will be the first real max height print. Any tips or lessons learned? My setup is bowden with a .4 v6 nozzle, probably white or silver PLA at .2 layers

  1. Actually, I’d print something way more simple for a max height test: Like a vase printed hollow, in ‘vase mode’ (if you use simplify 3d). I was able to do them at full height (with the 1mm volcano) in 3-4 hours, which gives you far faster results than just jumping in with a multi-day eiffel tower print 😉 Goooood luck!

  2. @AKeric

    Hi Mate,
    I’m building a 3d printer with a bowden Volcano and I’m wondering if I should re-design it to be non bowden, I’m just not sure its worth stuffing around with bowden.
    I’m guessing you already made your decision however its always good to ask!

  3. Yep, knowing what I do now, I’d definitely go direct drive with the volcano, I’ve been getting much better print quality compared to the Bowden. Good luck on your build!

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