New 3D Print : Life-Sized Pirate Head

I was recently approached by one of my co-workers, Diego Teran, if I could 3d print a zbrush sculpt he’d done of a pirate head.  Looking at it, I realized it’d be a perfect candidate to print life-sized on the C-Bot.  I’ve done a number of large format prints now (most recent), and am getting comfortable with letting the C-Bot run for extended periods of time.

To start, I did a number of 100mm high versions of the head, and had a back and forth dialog with Diego having him adjust the pose on the head from straight-on to “chin slightly lifted”, so that the only support needed was under the ear-lobes.  Happy with the tiny version, I fired off the “big head print” Friday night. On Sunday morning, it had finished:

Print Stats:

  • 280mm / 11″ tall
  • 683g of “Royal Pruple” Gizmodorks PLA, extruded at 225 degs on a woodglue-slurry-coated glass build plate (unheated).  Works out to be $17 in material.
  • 31 hours, 32 minutes total print time (lol, the print estimate was 24 hours).
  • Sliced in Simplify3D, the .gcode came to 69.6 megs.
  • 2 shells, 5% ‘fast hexagon’ infill, no raft, supports under the ears only.
  • 90mm/sec print speed.
  • .6 mm E3d-v6 Volcano nozzle with 150 micron layer heights.

Overall I’m really happy with the results!

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    • Don
    • October 26th, 2015 5:23am

    This is awesome, I think you are really showing whats possible on this design with huge prints that also have good detail!

  1. @Don
    Thanks, appreciated. It’s been a fun process.

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