New 3D Print: Giant ‘P’

Most of my ‘big’ prints on the C-Bot have involved vases:  Large flat bases, thin walls, print fast.  I wanted to try something more ‘structural’:  Dense & flat & strong, but still take up most of the build volume.

So I printed a giant P: (you know, for ‘P’avey)

  • 500 micron layer height, 1 shell, 2 floor, 2 roof, 20% infill.
  • 1mm E3dD-v6 Volcano nozzle printing @ 30mm/sec.
  • Fans on at layer 3, 25%.
  • 210 deg blue GizmoDorks PLA on glass plate covered in wood glue slurry.
  • Modeled in Maya, sliced in Simplify 3D.
  • Just over 4 hours to print.

Came out really well actually, only thing that could be better is the top surface quality:  I either need one more roof layer (currently 2), or I’d need to up the infill to a higher percentage so the bridging wasn’t so far.  And it stuck really well to the wood-glue slurry on the glass build plate.

3DBenchy vs the Volcano
Visual comparison of 1mm 3d printer nozzle overhang tolerance
    • RogerW
    • September 9th, 2016 11:28am

    A trick I use sometimes if I want to have a really nice presentation side for lettering etc. is to mirror the object so that the presented side will be the nice, smooth side that was against the glass build surface.

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