3DBenchy vs the Volcano

Since I’ve been doing so much calibration on my C-Bot’s 1mm E3D-V6 Volcano nozzle, I thought I’d try something more challenging than dodecahedrons:  3DBenchy seems like a good test.  Over on this Google Group Thread, the user Adam Paul had posted his volcano 3dBenchy results, so I figured it’d be good to compare against.  Our prints came out amazingly similar in my opinion.  I do like the happy accident that makes it look like smoke is coming out of the stack.

  • Gizmodorks Blue PLA
  • 500 Micron layer height, 210 deg, 30mm/sec
  • 1mm volcano nozzle
  • About 18 minutes

The bottom of the boat actually turned out pretty well, despite the zits that still form during segment start.  But once it gets to the wheelhouse, even with my new dual fans cranked, it still just gets too hot, the plastic turns to goo, and chaos ensues.

So as a sanity check I printed a ‘big’ benchy, 2.5x as large (since I’m using a nozzle 2.5x as big as normal).  It turned out way better.  Still have the zit issue though.  It printed in just over three hours.

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