Building the C-Bot 3D printer: Part 9 : Assembly Day 2

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After re-printing the two ‘rear XY idlers’, the extrusions fit perfectly, so I was ready to reassemble the top of the frame.  Overall it went pretty seamlessly:  again, I just had to mentally track how many extra t-nuts to pre-load into all the extrusions.  I’ve added enough to add an extra extruder / spool holder on either side of the frame in the future.

Squaring the frame took a long time:  I’ve never ‘squared’ anything, and although I have a nice metal carpenters square, it seemed laborious and repetitious.  I ended with this process: measure the horizontal distance for all X distances:  Find the longest, and adjust the rest to match.  Repeat that on Y.  Stick the square on the corner, curse at it.  I hope that things will roll smoothly later…

Today my Rumba & LCD screen showed up too, so other than the pulleys that’ll go on my XY steppers, all parts are arrived.


  • I somehow managed to only order 8 ‘Black Angle Corner Connectors‘, when the bom clearly states 18.  So, I ended up printing a bunch out to compensate until the metal ones show up.  Not sure how I missed that :S
  • The two ‘rear XY idlers’ accept captive nuts for the pulley system you build.  However, I was unable to actually get the nuts shoved far enough back in their cavity to actually line up with the bolt:  In fact, at one point I thought I may have to reprint a piece since the nut was jammed in, blocking the bolt.  But much tapping and picking with my dental-tool removed it.  End result:  No captive nuts inserted.  But the bolts are threaded through so much plastic, I don’t see this as an issue (yet?).

Time today:  About three hours.


Assembly day 2 progress

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