Building the C-Bot 3D printer: Part 8 : Assembly Day 1

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Finally began bolting stuff together.  Today I completed:

  • The lower XY frame, and long Y-legs, plus dual lead-screw steppers.
  • The Bowden extruder assembly.  I previously printed Mason’s derivative of Carls design (which links to the install directions).
  • The Core-XY gantry interior (no wheels yet, since the upper frame is incomplete).
  • A few bits on the top frame : There was something wrong with both ‘rear XY idler’ prints:  The v-slot extrusions wouldn’t fit in them, but fit into everything else.  So they’re currently re-printing…

All this was done following the c-bot assembly guide, and staring at pics of Mason’s and Carl’s bots.  The trickiest bit is to figure out how many t-nuts to pre-load into each extrusion for the future attachments…


  • When assembling the Bowden extruder, I didn’t have any M3 bolts the correct length to screw the pivoting arm into the stepper block:  I needed to cut a 25mm bolt down to 14mm:  Worked like a charm.
  • Double-Gotcha:  I later needed that bolt to mount the HBP.  So I had a 3-legged HPB for a while…

Here’s the current build status, with the Replicator re-printing the ‘rear XY idler’  in the background…

Time spent:  About two hours.


Assembly, Day 1!

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