Building the C-Bot 3D printer: Part 5 : Printing the parts

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This is really ‘Part 0’, since Mason printed all these parts for me (on my Rep1 he was borrowing) while I was on vacation, before I even started blogging about it.  But it’s worth bringing up the specifics.

Carl Feniak has a full list of the stl’s to download & print over on the C-Bot’s OpenBuilds page.  Mason ended up 3d modeling the entire printer in Maya as a sanity-check for himself, and based on that, made some adjustment to Carl’s files (which my prints are based on).  If Mason posts those updates I’ll be sure to link to them.

I still need to print out a few more things, like the attachment for the E3D Volcano, but otherwise most of the printing is done.

Print settings were:

  • Printed on Makerbot Replicator 1
  • MakerGeeks ‘Maker Filament’ PLA 1.75mm, “Soulful Blue
  • 300 micron layer height, 2 shells (probably should have been 3), 40% infill, 4 ceiling/floors, .4mm nozzle
  • HPB @ 60 (to help them stick\lay flat)
  • Sliced in Simplify 3D

The filament is slightly translucent, and a really nice color blue.

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    • Félicien
    • February 11th, 2016 6:29am

    First of all congratulations for your printer, it seems really great !
    We want to print the same one in our school (Engineering school in France) because we need a big 3D printer (we already have smaller ones).
    Can you tell me more specifically which .stl files you used for the printed parts There are dozens of .stl files in the directory given on the openBuild page you gave, and i’m not really sure which one i’m supposed to use.

    You also say that you made some adjustment on some files. Do you have the last version of the files ?

    Congrats again for the printer, the big objects you printed are really impressive !

  1. Sounds like a great project for a school :)
    I had used the stl’s found here:
    Originally they were all scattered in there, but recently Carl has zipped them up into nice packages. Also, Carl has been working on a ‘v2’ version with a lot of improvements, so if I was going to make a new one I’d check out those files.
    The only main differences is I’ve switched my extruder to a direct-drive from the original bowden setup (I presume he provides both options in the zips), and had to use a modified bracket for my dual-z-steppers, since the original ones weren’t quite deep enough. In both instances, I’d don’t have direct links, you’ll just have to search the forums. That being said, the forum community is very active, and if you post there, I’m sure Carl or someone else can help with any more specific file-related questions.

    • Félicien
    • February 11th, 2016 10:17am

    Thanks a lot for your answer :) i’ll try to search on the forum

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