ASIFA “Careers in animation” presentation

I spent 3.5 hours Saturday morning at San Francisco State University as part of a “panel discussion” communicating with the local chapter of ASIFA.  We met at the Coppola Theater in the Fine Arts Building, and I’m guessing over 150 people showed up.  In addition to myself on the panel (Electronic Arts), there was Carlos Baena & Dawn Haagstad from Pixar, Jim Conrads from PDI/Dreamworks, and Josh Book from Wildbrain. It was hosted by Karl Cohen.

Over the course of the discussions we mainly fielded questions from the crowd as far as “how to find a job in animation”, “how should I put together my resumedemo-tape”, and talked a lot about ourselves ;) It was quite enjoyable to speak with members after and learn more about them. Always fun to be part of these talks.

Just wish I wasn’t recovering from a cold ;)

SFSU Fine Arts building:

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