New 3d print: Print The Bay

This is a print of the San Francisco bay area I made based on the fantastic tool by Thatcher Chamberlin, Terrain2STL. I used Meshlab for cleanup of holes, and scaling operations.

I epoxied each of the four regions to a custom piece of light blue acrylic acquired fromTAP Plastics.

Get more info and download the files to print yourself over on Thingiverse.

To see a detailed overview the process I used to make them, check my pose here.

Check out the article written on it at

New 3d print: Light Orb 01
How To 'Print The Bay'
  1. Very nice indeed. I haven’t seen the Thingiverse link you’ve referenced yet and I’ll look at that next.

    I’ve dabbled in Commercial RE and these are the bee’s knees compared to others I’ve seen. Some brokers like to show off their accoutrements and yours would easily compare.

    How about a follow-up to this teaser piece with step-by-step (more-or-less) instructions using a smaller, simple geographic area. I’m very interested and I’m nobody special — there are many more like me :)

  2. Step by step wouldn’t be hard: When I get some more free time I can write one up 😉

  3. @Woody Williams
    Just added a link to a “howto” above :)

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