Just ran across this great tool\app for Android development:  adbWireless.  It allows to you create a wireless (WiFi) adb (Android Debug Bridge) connection between your computer and your Android phone .  I can now present Processing sketches directly to the phone USB-free.  As mentioned\found in the comments below, you need root access for the app to function.  Worked on the first try, had to pass it along.

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  1. I wish it worked for non rooted phones too.

  2. Since it’s on the app-store I’m surprised it wouldn’t work. You on AT&T? (I am, that’s why I had to root)

  3. The debug monitor highlights this:

    01-11 13:08:56.254: DEBUG/ADBWIRELESS(22232): hasRootPermission error: Error running exec(). Command: [su] Working Directory: null Environment: null

  4. Gotta love how the providers lock you out of your own hardware :-S

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