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New 3d print: ‘Decorative Bowl’

I got it in my head to try a ‘simple bowl’ print, and generated the below model in Maya.  It started out as NURBS, I slapped a lattice on it to get it into the desired shape, then converted it to polys for export.   It’s about 4.5″ wide, 5.75″ deep, and 2.5″ high.

The final product I painted two-tone with spray-paint:  The outer shell is a rubberized spray, I wanted to see how much it would ‘fill in’ the printing ridges.  After four coats, it had just started too.

The inside was sprayed with a bright cherry red.  None of the surfaces were sanded, but I think I’ll try that finishing method on the next one I print.

The whole thing took a bit over seven hours to print on my Makerbot Replicator.

You can download the .stl for printing from Thingiverse.

New custom 3d print: Hexagonal candle holder

I’m stuck with hexagons for the time being, I might as well accept it.

Last night I took a couple hours modeling up a candle-holder in Maya using hexagonal polygonal mesh.  Was an enjoyable process creating Python scripts for the generation and attaching of the mesh to the NURBS cylinder I used for the overall volume.  The whole thing took just under four hours to print on my Makerbot Replicator.

It easily fits a votive candle, or any other candle less than 2 1/4″ in diameter.  See more info on it, and download the .stl file for printing over on Thingiverse.

Ikea candle has a home.


Second custom 3d print: Another hex cloud

I’m apparently into hexagons these days.  I did another hexagonal design in Maya, printed it out on my Replicator with black filament (to contrast the white print I did last post).  This one took twice as long (8 hours) as the previous print as well, I’m guessing it has roughly twice the volume.  Currently I have it setup in my art-space holding a LED lamp I made using my Ostrich Egg-Bot (describe in a previous post), see pic below.  You can download the .stl file over on Thingiverse and print one yourself!  A day after submitting, it was added as a “Featured Thing” on their homepage, quite an honor :)

It makes a fine necklace holder

Lamp holder


Holes are 2 1/4" apart

My first custom 3d print: Hex Cloud

The past weekend I finally found time to make my first custom print for my Makerbot Replicator.  In Maya, I modeled & booleaned a variety of hexagonal mesh to create a “hexagonal cloud-like wall-hanger”.  I wanted to it to be artsy, and functional too:

Took just over four hours to print with two shells, and 10% infill.  I have to admit that it was a surreal experience to see the final print:  Just four hours ago this design was digital only, but now, it exists in the physical.  There’s a first time for everything.

To print it yourself, you can download the stl file over on Thingiverse.

Here is its (current) permanent home

New print: Mini-Sledgehammer

Today I printed a mini-”Sledgehammer Games” logo (the company I work for).  I thought it would be an interesting practical experiment using a custom-modeled .obj file, tweaking it to print well on the platform.  I think it turned out pretty well.  Next up will be a life-size version ;)